At number 14 allée Léon Gambetta, the 14th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Marseilles is in preparation and will take place from June 27th to July 2, 2003 at TNM - La Criée.

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Faithful to the question of testimony and to the protocols of documentaries that it leads to, the festival attaches great importance to the defense of a spirit of open-mindedness, progressive and generous in its forms, formats, geographical origins, trying even to enlarge the angle in terms of diversity of origins as well as in terms of forms of expression.

After three weeks of programming at the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume from october to november 2002, FIDMARSEILLE multiplies its invitations.

January 20, 2003 the Georges Pompidou Center will be screening a preview of "Numero Zero" directed by Jean Eustach, before its national release. This evening is organized by the journal Cinéma 05 of Léo Scheer Publications, edited by Bernard Eisenschitz. In association with Capricci Films, the 13th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Marseilles co-produced the restoration of this film and presented its world premiere in its original version. For this reason, FIDMARSEILLE is cited in the opening credits of the film on the copies in circulation.

On January 21, in conjunction with the preview of "Plaisirs inconnus" ("Unknown Pleasures") by the Chinese cinematographer Jia Zhangke, distributed by AD Vitam, his documentary "In Public", which received the Grand Prix of the 13th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival of Marseilles, will be screened at the Arlequin Cinema in Paris.

From January 22 until February 2, in association with the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, FIDMARSEILLE cosigns a screen dedicated to documentary titled [based upon]TRUE STORIES. Many of the films on this screen were selected on world premiere during the 13th edition.

On January 23 at the Contemporary Art Center of Rotterdam, Witte de With, the opening of an exhibition dedicated to documentary artworks. 12 international artists, including Jean-Luc Mouléne, creator of the visual for the 13th edition of FIDMARSEILLE, were chosen by the commissioners Catherine David, director of the Witte de With, and Jean-Pierre Rehm, artistic director of FIDMARSEILLE. This exhibition, open throughout the Rotterdam festival, will be up for 3 months until the end of March.

MK2 has requested that FIDMARSEILLE program a week of documentaries for the opening of the MK2 Library located next to the François Mitterand Library. We invite you to see (again) a selection of films from the 13th edition starting February 19, 2003.

Looking forward to seeing you during these screenings and events,

The Festival 2003 Team

photograph : G. Paturel

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