FID Marseille International Documentary Film Festival goes out of town

The programme of the MK2 Bibliotheque in Paris opens with the FID Marseille International Documentary Film Festival as of 19 February.
A review of the 13th FID Marseille and previously unreleased films will be presented in the new MK2 complex until 5 March 2003.

“The documentary film is an art of testimony. Why testify? Because, whether wordy or silent, discreet or outrageous, unjust or marvellous, the world needs to recognise itself in moving figures that are arranged for it to see, at sufficient distance to disentangle their confusion or increase their richness, to contemplate them and to be moved by them. Testify for whom? For everyone. Testify to what? “Things, peoples, zones, regions, gradients, heat intensities, speeds”, as Deleuze says. But also beauty, terror and enigma. This is the evidence that the documentary gathers from the world. In order to gather such evidence, one must venture to be receptive. Therefore this requires the careful attention of an art. There is no ready-made formula for generosity, respect, and attentiveness to others. Accepting responsibility for the disarray of the unknown is a perilous exercise indeed, and testifying on the behalf of others is a sensitive task. Such a decision can only find its strength, i.e., its appropriateness, through a combination of the patience and inventiveness that are essential to all art. The FID Marseille International Documentary Film Festival invites you to witness and share countless adventures that may be austere or joyful, but which always raise awareness”.

Jean-Pierre Rehm


Registration deadline for the 14th festival: 15 March 2003
If you are waiting for our mail concerning registration of films for this year's festival, don't wait any longer!
All registration applications for the 14th festival must be submitted on-line through our Web site at


New member of the Management Committee
We are please to announce the arrival of a new member of the Management Committee: Dominique Wallon who recently joined Gérald Collas, Henri Dumolié, Solange Poulet, Laurent Carenzo and Emmanuelle Ferrari, chaired by Michel Trégan.


Focus on films and film-makers featured during the 13th FID festival
Claire Simon's documentary “La vie de Mimi”, now renamed “Mimi”, is to be released in France on 9 April 2003.

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster retrospective at the Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam (18 January to 9 February 2003)

Vimukthi Jayasundara's latest film has been officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival.
The world première of his first film, “The land of silence”, was presented at the 13th FID Marseille International Documentary Festival. He was also awarded a grant by Cinéfondation, which hosts young film-makers in Paris every year who are working on their first or second full-length feature film project.


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