FIDMarseille presents a preview of “De l’autre côté”, the latest film by Chantal Akerman, who will be present at the preview.

Programme of the 14th festival

The 14th FIDMARSEILLE will follow the same lines as last year’s festival. As a matter of principle, this consists in considering the documentary as film in its own right and marking its evident actuality by its rich variety, the diversity of its approaches, techniques and styles, and its flexible reaction to today’s urgent issues. Once it has freed itself from restrictive conventions and obligations, today’s documentary affirms itself as one of the most incisive tools for understanding the contemporary world. The documentary can then present itself as an art of testimony, since no court can dismiss anyone who exposes themselves, publicly and with dignity, in order to report some fragments of our world.
Apart from the two competitions - the international competition (20 films) and national competition (10 films) - five “screens” will present a large number of films according to five angles.

1. “Écrivains à l’écran” [Writers on screen], organized by Stéphane Bouquet.
The camera cannot capture the writer’s work, but it can record the faces and bodies, voices and spoken words: the visible part of an invisible event. The aim of this retrospective, which links the silence of books to the agitation of images and sounds, is to present some of these astonishing archives and pay homage to the work of television, which has provided most of them.

2. “D. comme docu.” [D for documentary], organized by Emmanuel Burdeau.
Illustrated by documentaries of various types (from the wildlife documentary to the fake documentary, including others that take the documentary as their theme, subject or scenario), this series aims to show the documentary’s identified rhetoric within a dual perspective: defining its codes while
moving its boundaries.

3. “Camera Nova”. This screen will present films by young film-makers or young artists whose work is beyond these almost obsolete boundaries. The aim is not to invent a new ghetto, but to show that their choice of subject, the nature of their viewpoint and their attentiveness undoubtedly shed new light on our world, in what it is now important to call “artistic practices”, in all disciplines.

4. “Du son à l’image” [Sound on image], proposed by Laurent Ghnassia.
The cinema was born mute. But, far from being silent, the image contained sounds. They were the fruit of the imagination. When sound was first introduced, it was very quickly used to enhance the images. Sound is often secondary in film. The aim of this series is not to give it back the credibility that it may have lost, but rather to explore the wonderful visual field that it occupies.

5. “[Based Upon] True Stories”, organized by Gertjan Zuilhof
in collaboration with Jean-Pierre Rehm.
A partial re-showing of the wide-ranging documentary programme jointly
presented by FIDMarseille, the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Witte de With centre for contemporary art.

FID evening at "Les Variétés" cinema

FIDMarseille presents a preview of “De l’autre côté”, the latest film by Chantal Akerman, who will be present at the preview.
Wednesday 7 May, at 20:30: A chance to see this last work of Akerman’s triptych, after “Sud” and “D’est”.

FIDMarseille goes out of town:

As part of the social forum that will take place from 1 to 3 May, the Alhambra cinema, with the support of FIDMarseille, is showing the following films: “Les prolos” by Marcel Trillat and “War and Peace” by Anand Patwardhan, a documentary presented during the 13th FIDMarseille festival. Jean Eustache’s “Numéro Zéro”, of which a world preview was presented at the 13th FIDMarseille festival, is being released in Marseille cinemas. A chance to see this documentary, which would never have been screened without the joint efforts of FIDMarseille, Cappricci Films and Lisbon Film Library.
Showing at the Le Miroir cinema: 19/04 at 21:30 – 20/04 at 19:00 – 23/04 at
21:15 – 25/04 at 21:00 – 29/04 at 21:30

Introductory presentation at La Viste Technical Secondary School (Marseille) for the three day event entitled “Bouillonnement d'Arts”, at which FIDMarseille showed a documentary (7 April).

Round table at Aix-en-Provence University on the organisation of film festivals in the PACA region of S.E. France (7 April).

At the Centre Social Julien, during the Ciné-Soupe event, a documentary was presented and screened on 9 April. This experiment will be repeated with another film on 21 May of this year.

Follow-up of films presented at the 13th FIDMarseille festival:
Marie Dumora’s “Avec ou sans toi” has been bought by the Finnish TV channel YLE. This film won the French Competition Prize at the 13th FIDMarseillefestival.


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