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fidmarseille 2005 poster : drawing by françois martin / graphism : j.p léon / photo.repro. : j.c. lett


Announcement of the official selection of films for the 16th FIDMarseille International Documentary Film Festival on 10 June at a press conference in the FID offices in Marseille.


News of films and film-makers selected at FIDMARSEILLE

Pierre Creton’s Secteur 545 (shown in the French Competition at FIDMarseille 2004), was screened at ACID on 20 May during the Cannes Film Festival.


Avi Mograbi’s Detail (shown at FIDMarseille 2004) is a sequence included in the new film by the Israeli filmmaker, Pour un seul de mes deux yeux, which was shown at Cannes outside the competition.


The Yes Men, who featured in Chris Smith, Dan Ollman & Sarah Price’s film of same name (shown in the International Competition at FIDMarseille 2004), have struck again at a bankers’ conference in London.


FIDMARSEILLE  throughout the year

Simone Bitton’s Mur (Wall), Grand Prix winner at FIDMarseille 2004, will be shown in Berlin from 12 to 19 May in the “Eiszeit”, “Hackesche Höfe” and “Nikant Kino” cinemas. Preview in the “Hackesche Höfe” cinema on 10 May attended by the director.


Wednesday 18 May at 8pm, in the Centre Social Julien: screening of Magume, by Joachim Gatti & Jean-Baptiste Leroux, which was shown in the French Competition at FIDMarseille 2004.

Centre Social Julien, Cours Julien, 13006 Marseille


Tuesday 24 May, 7pm, Centre Social Belsunce: screening of Swann Dubus-Mallet’s Lettre à L. et à elles toutes, which was shown in the French Competition at FIDMarseille 2003.

Centre Social Belsunce, 16, Rue Bernard Du Bois, 13001 Marseille


Wednesday 25 May, 2pm, at La Compagnie: screening of Sergeï Dvortsevoy’s Highway, which was shown in the International Competition at FIDMarseille 1999. This programme of films presented by FIDMarseille and La Compagnie is for children.

La Compagnie, 19, Rue Francis Pressensé, 13001 Marseille


Carte blanche to FIDMarseille as part of the 4th Reflets Festival, from 4 to 8 May 2005 in Marseille, with the films Is dead, portrait incomplet de Gertrude Stein by Arnaud des Pallières and Le Guide du parc by Sven Augustinen.


During the 5th “C’est dans la vallée” festival, from 26 to 29 May 2005 in Sainte Marie aux Mines: screenings of Pierre Creton’s Secteur 545 (shown in the French Competition at FIDMarseille 2004) and Raphael Grisey’s Bridge over troubled water (shown in the French Competition at FIDMarseille 2004).


Carte blanche to FIDMarseille as part of film programmes in the Marseille Festival on 3 June 2005 at 8pm in Marseille School of Architecture (in the Pierre Puget lecture theatre).

Architecture and dance: how can you match them together? This is the question addressed by the Marseille Festival in giving carte blanche to the FIDMarseille International Documentary Film Festival, which is very pleased to oblige. The answer is given in the form of a programme of films — documentaries, of course, even if it is hoped that all possible types of spaces, constructions and choreographies may provide a full spectrum of meanings for this often austere term. The aim of this series of films — which are mostly as brief as a movement extended in time until its completion — is not so much to record any given urban reality or to capture fragments of dance as to propose something else. What else? Nothing less than inviting architecture to dance within a film, making it sway through some megapoles (in Jordi Colomer’s Anarchitekton), making it spin like a top (in Mark Lewis’s North Circular), and shaking it with equivocal movements (in Clemens von Wedemeyer’s Silberhöhe) or very physical tales (Arnold Pasquier and Robert Fenz); or even inventing it, where it is still only an expression of the law (in Avi Mograbi’s Detail). FID takes you on an incomplete tour of the world in a few steps, without stepping over its troubles.



16ème festival international du documentaire de marseille du 1er au 6 juillet 2005 tnm la criéé


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