4th Documentary Film Month

In association with the Miroir, cinéma des Musées de Marseille and Vidéochroniques, FIDMarseille is presenting a series of documentary films on the subject of “La Maison” (The House), the second thematic section of Cinémac.
A selection of films from the 13th and 14th FIDMarseille festivals will be shown from 5 November to 2 December 2003 at the Le Miroir cinema in the Vieille Charité, 13002 Marseille.
The Images en Manoeuvres publishers are associated with this series of films through a special “La Maison” (The House) edition of the review “Vertigo - Esthétique et Histoire du Cinéma” (www.revue-vertigo.net) published in November 2003.

The Alhambra cinema in Marseille is presenting a programme of ten documentary films on Algeria.
In association with FIDMarseille, the Alhambra is showing “Les jardiniers de la rue des Martyrs” on 19 November, attended by the two film-makers, Leila Habchi and Benoit Prin.

The Documentary Film Month is an event coordinated by Images en Bibliothèque.
The programme can be viewed on the Website : www.imagenbib.com


FIDMARSEILLE goes out of town

Programme entitled “L’autre côté du miroir” [The other side of the mirror], from 2 to 28 September 2003. The world premières of three of these screened films were presented at the FIDMarseille festival:

Eu sou curinga ! O enigma ("Je suis joker ! L’Enigma !") by Carmen Opipari and Sylvie Timbert – Brazil - 2002
FIDMarseille 2003 - French Competition - World Première

"Vidt aben, taet lukket" ("Même tombe, même cercueil") by Judith Lansade – Denmark - 2001
FIDMarseille 2002 - First Film - World Première
Winner of the prize awarded to a first film by the GNCR (Groupement National des Cinémas de Recherche) Jury.

"Radio la Colifata" by Chloé Ouvrard and Pierre Barougier – France - 2001
FIDMarseille 2002 - First Film - World


Jean-Pierre Rehm, Artistic Director of FIDMarseille, was invited to be a member of the International Documentary Jury from 23 to 28 September 2003, for the 14th Nordisk Panorama Festival. In the “Nordic Documentaries” section, the prize for the best documentary was awarded to Mika Ronkainen’s “Screaming Men”.
“Screaming Men”, whose World Première was presented in Marseille, received a special mention for “reinvention of documentary film-writing”, awarded by the International Competition jury of the 2003 FIDMarseille Festival.

Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media - CANADA
Jean-Pierre Rehm was asked to be a member of the International Documentary Jury for the 32nd Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media (FCMM) – from 9 to 19 October 2003

The following films were selected for the FCMM’s International Documentary/Portrait Competition:
“Dream Cuisine” by Li Ying, winner of the Marseille Espérance Prize at the last FIDMarseille festival in 2003, awarded by the Marseille Espérance jury for a film in the International Competition

In the “Short Films” section of FCMM, screening of:
“Lettre à Roberto” by Jean-Claude Rousseau - World Première at FIDMarseille 2002
“Sleepers” by Andreas Bolm - Selected in the First Film section of the International Competition at FIDMarseille 2003, where it had its World Première
“Locke’s Way” by Donigan Cumming - Selected for the “d. for documentary” Parallel Screen at FIDMarseille 2003.

In the “Etats du Monde” [States of the World] section of FCMM, screening of:
“La décomposition de l’âme” by Nina Toussaint and Massimo Ianetta – Selected for the International Competition at FIDMarseille 2003
“The revolution will not be televised” by Kim Hartley and Donnacha O’Briain. The French Première was presented in the International Competition of FIDMarseille 2003, and won the Georges de Beauregard Prize.

Michel Trégan, Chairperson of FIDMarseille, was asked to be a member of the international jury at the “Docudays” Beirut Documentary Film Festival, from 6 to 13 November 2003.


Follow-up of films selected for the FIDMARSEILLE 2003

“Story” by Dana Ranga
World Première presented at FIDMarseille 2003, where it obtained the special mention for “reinvention documentary film-writing”. The film is continuing its success:
- bought by the ARTE TV channel,
- won the Young Jury Prize at the 46th Leipzig Film Festival,
- selected for:
Duisburg Documentary Film Festival (3 to 9 November 2003)
18th “Entrevues” International Film Festival, Belfort 2003 (22 to 30 November 2003).

“Grand Littoral” by Valérie Jouve
Valérie Jouve’s first film had its World Première at FIDMarseille 2003, where it won the Georges de Beauregard Prize in the French Film Competition, and also the Soundtrack Prize (awarded by SACEM, the French music royalties agency). It has been selected for the following festivals:
- Torino Films Festival (13 to 21 November 2003)
- 18th “Entrevues” International Film Festival, Belfort 2003 (22 to 30 November 2003).
A “Grand Littoral” catalogue by Valérie Jouve, produced in association with lESBAM (Marseille Higher School of Fine Art), has been published by “Ateliers d’Artistes de la ville de Marseille”.

“Ribatz, Ribatz ou le Grain du temps” by Marie Hélène Rebois
Winner of the French Competition Prize at the FIDMarseille 2003 festival. Screened at the Cinéma des Cinéastes in Paris on 2 November 2003 as part of the Documentary Film Month.

“L’esplosione - The Explosion” by Giovanni Piperno (Italy)
World Première presented in the International Competition of FIDMarseille 2003.
Selected for the Mediterranean Film Festival (24 October to 1 November 2003).

In association with the “Cinéma 06” review (a review of the aesthetics and history of film), the Jeu de Paume National Gallery will present Zia Zhangke’s “In Public”, winner of the FIDMarseille 2002 Grand Prix, and “Numéro Zéro”, a previously unreleased film by Jean Eustache which was first shown at FIDMarseille 2002.

Showing in cinemas from 29 October 2003

“No pasarán, album souvenir” by Henri-François Imbert
Presented in the French Competition of FIDMarseille 2003.
Henri-François Imbert had previously received the GNCR Prize at FIDMarseille 1999 for his film “Doulaye, une saison des pluies”.

“De guerres lasses” by Laurent Bécue-Renard
World Première presented under the title “Vivre après – paroles de femmes”, won the Planète Prize at FIDMarseille 2000.

TV screenings

“La décomposition de l’âme” by Nina Toussaint and Massimo Ianetta – which was selected for the International Competition at FIDMarseille 2003 – was shown on ARTE on Monday 3 November 2003



FIDMARSEILLE/APCVL4 december 2003 in Vendôme
After a first day workshop on 27 June in Marseille, on the topic of “the documentary as a film prototype" le documentaire comme prototype cinématographique " - link for reading the published summary of this workshop - .pdf file), this second day of discussion will examine the question of distribution and dissemination: venues and networks for screening, assistance for distribution and dissemination, and publishing resources. This day workshop will take place as part of the 12th Vendôme Film Festival, “Images en Région” (28 November to 5 December 2003). See the Website at: www.apcvl.com

In the 3/2003 issue of the German art magazine “springerin”, an article by Hito Steyerl, “Politics of Truth - Documentarism in the Art Field”, refers to the “based upon True Stories” exhibition at the Witte de With centre in Rotterdam (24 January to 30 March 2003) jointly organised by Jean-Pierre Rehm and Catherine David, director of the Witte de With centre.

La Galerie in Noisy le Sec is organising an exhibition by Walid Raad from 29 November 2003 to 7 February 2004, jointly organised by Jean-Pierre Rehm.
The artist presented a performance/vision conference for the FMR screen at the 13th FIDMarseille Festival. See the Website at:www.noisylesec.fr

The first Apt area Festival of African Film, 16 to 18 November 2003, focusing on work by the film-maker Idrissa Ouedraogo. The Festival association is chaired by Dominique Wallon, administrator of FIDMarseille. Information from: 06 89 79 32 29

The 15th FIDMarseille International Documentary Festival of Marseille will be held from 2 to 7 July 2004 in the “La Criée” Theatre, Marseille.

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