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photo : Secteur 545 by Pierre Creton

As part of the 13th IMAGES EN REGION Vendôme film festival from 3 to 10 December 2004 in Vendôme, a summary – to be available in Spring 2005 – will report on the discussions and results of the special day for film professionals organised by ACOR (Association of Cinemas in Western France) in association with APCVL (Production Workshop of the Centre Val de Loire region) and FID (Marseille International Documentary Film Festival).

Vidéo documentaries in cinema - Thursday 9 december 2004

Video systems have existed for many years, but the arrival of digital video radically changed the working methods and techniques used in making films. Among the flood of films, how can one identify, select, show and support these innovative works? Above and beyond technological developments, this meeting focussed on the role to be played by cinemas in exploring new terrain. On the basis of the summary of the questionnaire sent by ACOR to its 28 member cinemas ("What is the future for video projection in cinemas?"), and while awaiting the national results to be presented by ACOR and GNCR in January, the discussions addressed questions of video equipment of cinemas, and the ways and means of programming and promoting digitally-produced documentaries. The question of the distribution of these works was also examined in the form of case studies, through the analysis of the recent release of some documentary films in cinemas. Films screened as part of the meeting: Olivier Ciechelski’s "Lettre du dernier étage" and "De Profundis", and Olivier Zabat’s "1/3 des yeux". Both film-makers were invited as part of the official selection at FIDMARSEILLE 2004 for the French Film Competition.In parallel with this film professionals day, APCVL and FIDMarseille continued the series of discussions launched in Marseille between French national producers (Richard Copans of Films d’Ici, Gérald Colas of INA, Patrice Nezan of Films du Présent, and Paul Saadoun of 13 Production) and four young writers who have already received APCVL grant aid for writing documentary film projects.

News of Films and Film-Makers selected at fidmarseille

For the reopening of MOMA in New York, Valérie Jouve’s film “Grand Littoral”, which won the French Competition at FIDMarseille 2003, was screened on 4 & 10 December 2004.

Simone Bitton’s “Mur“, which won the Grand Prix at FIDMARSEILLE 2004, was presented outside the competition at the 4th Marrakech International Film Festival, from 6 to 12 December 2004.

This film is also to be shown at the Alhambra Cinema in Marseille from 3 to 19 December 2004. There will be a special screening with the director present on 14 December at 20:30.

Loredana Bianconi’s ”Devenir”, which was presented in the International Competition FIDMARSEILLE 2004, won the Belgian Film Competition  at the 11th ”Filmer à Tout Prix” Festival from 22 to 28 November in Brussels. Other previously unreleased films that were shown in Marseille were presented: ”Arseni Tarkovski. Malutka-Zhizn’” by Viatcheslav Amirkhanian, “Cité des femmes, images de chantiers en cours, paroles de ceux qui construisent” by Alejandra Riera, “Chukka” by Anna Martinez, ”Mur” by Simone Bitton, “Secteur 545” by Pierre Creton, “Sylvia Kristel – Paris” by Manon de Boer, “The Sleepers” by Andreas Bolm, and “Ydessa, les ours et etc…” by Agnès Varda.

Olivier Zabat’s “1/3 des yeux” and Manon de Boer’s “Sylvia Kristel – Paris” were presented at the Entrevues Festival in Belfort (27 November – 5 December).

fidmarseille Film Programmes outside of Marseille

On 5 December, Documentaire sur Grand Ecran reserved a special day for the Cahiers du Cinéma review, which wished to involve FIDMarseille in devising the programme by showing films that were presented at the 15th festival.

Four sessions were presented by Emmanuel Burdeau, chief editor of Cahiers du Cinéma and Jean-Pierre Rehm, FIDMarseille Executive Officer:

“The Glass Wall” by Doria Garcia, “Exploration” by Joerg Burger, and “Faibles amusements” and “Contretemps” by Jean-Claude Rousseau

“Devenir” by Loredana Bianconi

“Detail” by Avi Mograbi and “Misafa Lesafa, d’une langue à l’autre” by Nurith Aviv

“Secteur 545” by Pierre Creton.

In association with FIDMarseille, the “Arts et Technologies” seminar on 9 December organised by Espace Culture Multimédia and Alphabetville presented a discussion on the subject of “Ecrire, filmer, montrer les nouvelles formes de cinéma” [“Writing, filming and showing new film forms”].

An exchange of experience and viewpoints with Denis Cartet, film-maker, Digital Borax, Joseph Césarini and Jimmy Glasberg, film-makers, Lieux Fictifs, Elizabeth Guyon, set designer, Digital Deluxe, and ErikM, musician (to be confirmed), moderated by Emmanuel Vergès, director of Espace Culture Multimédia.

This seminar was followed by a performance of Denis Cartet’s “Mémoires Digitales” produced by Digital Borax.


The FIDMarseille International Documentary Festival, ABA Infinity Festival (Italy) and Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece) have joined forces for a project in the Media Plus programme aimed at promoting the circulation of European broadcasting and film works.

At its current stage of progress, the study examines the feasibility of creating an Internet platform grouping together films that are part of the heritage of each festival, presented with additional informative content.

Registration forms for the 16th FIDMarseille festival are available on the website :

The 16th FIDMARSEILLE event will be held 1 to 6 July 2005 at the La Criée Theatre

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