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Director : Neïl BELOUFA

Country : France

Genre : Fiction

Length : 110

Project state : Script

Budget : 365 000€
 Acquired budget : 5 600€

Production company : Petit Film
Producer : Marie DUBAS, Jean DES FORÊTS

SANS TITRE / 2010, 15’
BRUNE RENAULT / 2010, 17’
KEMPINSKI / 2007/ 14’

Petit Film
40 DAYS OF SILENCE / Saodat Ismailova / 2012 / 100’ / En post-production
LEONES / Jazmín López / 2012 / 84’ / En post-production

Leila runs a little Parisian hotel where one can meet people coming from various ethnical and social horizons. Tonight, she has planned to let Lucie, her trainee, run the hotel on her own. But when a handsome North-African man comes through the lobby door to rent a room, Leila finds a thousand reasons to delay her departure. A young man, also North-African, but looking dirty and badly dressed, joins the first one and goes up with him. Whatever Lucie thinks, Leila can’t believe they are a couple. Her pride is wounded and she persuades herself that they came to steel from the other clients’ rooms. In her eyes, the smallest sign becomes a proof of her suspicions. Leila attempts to explain the situation to the policemen to whom she asked to come to the hotel, among which one is also North-African. Stumbling over confused explanations, she immediately asserts that she doesn’t have any racial prejudice. The simple evocation of it persuades her audience of the contrary. The two suspect s took advantage from this situation to runaway. The clients of the hotel soon join the small group that has gathered in the lobby and everyone formulates a possible interpretation of what just happened.

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