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Without Freud's Involved (Sans que Freud ne s'en mêle)


Anas Gzenay





ESAV Marrakech,

Ecole supérieure des arts visuels

Imane, a young high school student, goes toe-to-toe with her philosophy teacher. A teacher who gives a lot of freedom to his students, but freedom can sometimes have a real risk with young minds. 

Anas Gzenay : “I decided to join a film school in Marrakech to learn duly the secret and the rules of movie magic. Cinema is the 7th art which includes in alchemical way all the other arts. It has been four years since I am in the world of cinema, and I do not plan to leave it. I devote all my time and soul to this passion. Whatever as much as I find my happiness by creating works and making films ! At present, I'm on the shooting of my documentary feature. Recreating reality, sharing my point of view with a public is the aim I want to achieve in the future.” 

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