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Guillaume ANDRÉ


Réalisateur : Guillaume ANDRÉ

Pays : France

Genre : Documentaire

Durée : 90

État avancement : Développement

Budget : 723 164 €
Budget acquis : 74 164 €

Société production : Aurora Films
Producteur : Charlotte Vincent
Co-producteurs France : École des Beaux-Arts de Marseille
Marseille-Provence 2013

Guillaume André
UNE AUTRE VOIX / 2010 / 55’

Aurora Films
SUR LA PLANCHE / Leïla Kilani / 2012 / 106’
EN VILLE / V. Mréjen & B. Schefer / 2011 / 75’
DOMAINE / Patric Chiha / 2010 / 110’

School of Fine Arts in Marseille. Coline, Grégoire and Kirk are all students. They’ve got one thing in common: a real problem “hitting the right notes” in the way they communicate. When Coline is nervous, she talks incessantly to calm herself down but it never works, she can never truly bond with others. Grégoire has a hard time finding his words and tends to isolate. Kirk, who is deaf, constantly tries to win people over but feels lost, too often sensing a gap between who he is and what he’s expressing. They’ve all decided to take part in a week-long workshop led by a choreographer who brings deaf and hearing students together to explore the relationship between body and language. Grégoire, Coline and Kirk know nothing about contemporary dance. Two of them don’t even do any sports. The workshop provides an opportunity to address their difficulties and the ways in which they resist, to discover unsuspected facets of themselves, develop new relationships and try out new methods of communication. Until one night, when a wind storm immobilizes the campus...

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